Group Study Room Locator Launches at UGA’s busy Miller Learning Center

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Finding a group study room at the University of Georgia will be a little easier this fall, thanks to a new Group Study Room Locator system installed at the busiest academic building on campus, the Miller Learning Center.

Large digital screens on each floor of the building display how many of the 95 group study rooms are available at any given time. Maps will show a red dot if the room is occupied and a green one if it is empty, while a quick-finder lists information to determine which area of the building has the most availability. The solution enables students to find an area with the most availability without having to scour all four floors.

This project, which uses motion detectors, began as a suggestion of the Student Government Association to help groups of students find an empty room quicker, especially during busy study times like midterms and finals. The system is linked to the UGA app, which also provides availability of the 28 group study rooms at the Main Library, so students can be aware of how busy both buildings are before they arrive.

While the group study rooms at the MLC and Main Library are popular spots, the UGA Libraries offer a variety of convenient study spots, whether students are looking for a place to collaborate with classmates or concentrate in a quiet atmosphere. The MLC, Main Library, and McBay Science Library are open late to the UGA community. Students can swipe their UGA at the entrance to enter the Main Library after 7 p.m. and the MLC and the McBay Science Library after 9 p.m.

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Q. How do I find a vacant group study room?
A. The quick-finder tells you how many rooms are available in each area of the MLC. Check out the maps for specific rooms with green lights to see where your group can set up.

Q. Will a room still be vacant by the time I get there?
A. Maybe not. Someone else may beat you to that location. Plus, there can be a few-minutes delay in refreshing the system. We suggest you try the area with the most rooms available, so you have options when you get there.

Q. How did this project come about?
A. We know it can be frustrating when you have to search the MLC for an open group study room, especially during busy times such as midterms and finals. The
UGA Student Government Association suggested this locator system to help you choose a floor or area with the most availability at the time to make it easier to find an open room.

Q. How does it work?
A. The system uses motion detectors to sense whether the room is occupied. There are NO cameras in group study rooms.

Q. Can I check how busy the building is before I arrive?
A. Yes! Thanks to our partners at EITS, the Group Study Room Locator is included in the UGA App. You can also check on group study room availability at the Main Library in the App.

Reminder: All of the study rooms at the MLC are designated for group study. Please be respectful to your fellow students during busy times and find another spot for individual study.