The Map Library Intrusion - September 21, 2006

...with apologies to Burma-Shave

Recently, a car 
came through the wall, 
to the consternation 
of us all. 

Car in the hole, 
driver walking free, 
the moon was full 
and so was he. 

The maps mostly 
were not hurt, 
but there surely was 
a lot of dirt. 

Brick and mortar, 
shrubbery too, 
a bad place to be 
when he came through. 

The world as a whole 
took little note, 
based on what 
the newspapers wrote. 

Car in, 
car out - 
what's all 
the fuss about? 

As the cleanup 
goes on apace, 
it almost looks 
like the same old place. 

We welcome you again, 
one and all - 
just don't stand 
beside the wall. 

- Tom Hardaway


Inside view of hole created by car accident

Wider shot of inside view of hole in wall after car accident

More intrusion photos

Map Library Mini-intrusion* - August 10, 2007

*...not really an intrusion, just little hole in the wall

Small hole in building after car accident

In the early morning hours of Friday, August 10th, 2007, another car missed 
the turn from Milledge Avenue to Whitehall Road, ran over the "Share the 
Road" sign and into the Map Library (see arrow above). Fortunately, no one 
was hurt.

Small hole in building after car accident

The car knocked an old inactive water pipe out of the wall, narrowly 
missing the gas main to the left.

Inside view of small hole in wall after car accident

The end result - another hole in the wall, approximately 
a foot across (it was a pretty big pipe and apparently 
a pretty fast car).