Marketing Committee Ongoing Efforts

For a calendar of all upcoming events involving the committee, please see:


  • First-Year Orientations

    Approximately 20-25 per summer. We maintain a table/booth at the information fair. Coordinator: Mary Poland

  • Graduate Student Orientation

    Held at the Classic Center the week before the first day of class. Carla Buss usually speaks for the Libraries and we have a table at the Information Fair staffed by 2-3 library volunteers.&nbsp
  • International Student Orientation

Stall Street Journal

Diane Trap does the production work for all editions. Each building has its own coordinator:

  • Main Library - Mary Poland

  • MLC - Sandra Riggs
  • Science - Chandler Christoffel

Finals Week Activities

  • Paws & Relax (Spring) - Coordinated by Kat Wilson. Reps from each location report to Kat.

  • Reading Day Mini-golf at Main - (Fall and Spring) Coordinated by Diane Trap. Prizes provided by UGA Golf Course.

  • Spontaneous Food/Drink giveaways