Binding and Preservation Unit


The Main Library Binding Unit provides the following services:

Faculty and Department Binding
The Binding office of the UGA Main Library provides the service of sending bindable materials to HF Group (located in Greensville, North Carolina) for faculty members and departments with account numbers.  This location acts as a drop-off point only, and the Libraries do not pay the invoices associated with anything faculty or departments send out.  If an account number has not yet been assigned, the bindery should be contacted at 1-800-444-7535 to obtain one.

Please follow instructions carefully.
The materials going to HF Group should be grouped together in bindable units with elastic bands or string around them.  A slip of paper attached to each group should specify the information that is to appear on the spine, including the cover color and color of the lettering.  Available buckram colors can be found here.  All materials should be packed in closable boxes.  A shipping record should also be filled out, which should include an item count and a box count of each type of material.  Important: Please ensure this record is accessible by bindery transportation staff and is not packed into a box.

A letter to HF Group should accompany the materials and list each item as it appears on each slip.  The letter should be on a department letterhead and give the name of the contact person or department to be invoiced, as well as the account number given to you by HF Group.  Please call Main Binding at (706) 542-0604, or email Rachel Parnell ( before dropping off materials.  Campus Mail will not pick up or deliver materials for binding.

Binding shipments are normally sent out once every four weeks and return four weeks later.  For pricing information, or if there are any questions or problems with the order, the Bindery should be contacted at 1-800-444-7534.  When bound volumes have been delivered and are ready to be picked up from the Main Binding office, the department contact will be notified by phone and can arrange a convenient time for retrieval.