B-2 Classroom Guidelines

Guidelines for the use of the B-2 Auditorium, Main Library, basement level:

  • The possession and consumption of food, tobacco, and alcohol is prohibited.

  • Drinks are permitted only in resealable, spill-proof containers.

  • Groups must abide by all University safety regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: not using any type of incendiary device, not exceeding the Auditorium’s capacity (115 people maximum), and abiding by all emergency procedures and/or instructions as relayed by Main Library Security.

  • Groups should exit the Auditorium 10 minutes before the Library closes. For Main Library hours, visit the Libraries' hours pages. No group will be permitted access to the B2 Auditorium before the Library opens or after the Library closes.

  • All groups must leave at the time their reservation ends.

  • Any group that is found violating the Libraries Conduct Policy or any of the above guidelines will be asked to leave the Auditorium immediately.

For more information on Library policy, contact Libraries Security at (706) 542-0653.

For room reservations, contact the Campus Reservations Office, 121 Tate Student Center by email at reserve@uga.edu or by telephone at (706) 583-8020.

For equipment to be used in the B2 Auditorium, contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at (706) 542-1582 or by email.