Zoom Booths

Need privacy while you attend a virtual meeting or job interview, or take a proctored exam?

We have six Zoom Booths, three at the Miller Learning Center (2nd floor, east wing) and three at the McBay Science Library (main floor, opposite the service desk), open to students and other members of the UGA community who need an enclosed space. You can plug in your laptop and feel free to talk as needed.

Reserve a Zoom Booth online using your UGA ID. Reservations are for 30-minute increments up to two hours. If the booths are empty, they are first-come, first-served, but we recommend you check the reservations in case the booth is reserved by another user before you have finished your exam or interview.

These booths are not intended for regular quiet study, so please be courteous and reserve use for the appropriate need.


  An empty glass booth with a screen, workspace, and seat   Student using a zoom booth at the MLC


Zoom Booths Usage Policy 

  • Use of Zoom Booths is limited to UGA affiliates only. You may be asked to show your UGA ID. 

  • Booths are reserved for virtual meetings or for taking proctored online exams. Anyone using the booths for other purposes, such as studying or sleeping, will be asked to leave. 

  • Booths may be reserved in 30-minute increments up to a maximum of two hours per day. 

  • When the booths are not reserved, they will be open to UGA affiliates on a first-come, first-served basis. Occupants without reservations must relinquish the booths to people who have scheduled the space for that time. 

  • The UGA Libraries are not responsible for items left in a booth. All items left unattended for longer than 30 minutes may be removed and brought to the Libraries’ Lost and Found. 

  • Users should not eat or drink in the booths. Booth users are responsible for cleaning up spills and ensuring that the booth is tidy before they leave. 

  • Violation of the Zoom Booth usage policy can result in termination of booth use.