Wormsloe Alum

Ania's fascination with nature began in childhood and motivated her to pursue a career in ecology. After completing a bachelor’s in Biology at Boston University she contributed as an assistant and crew leader to various field studies. Through these projects, Ania gained valuable skills ranging from luring Grizzly Bears, capturing songbirds, and trapping small mammals to conducting vegetation surveys. Her extensive research experience prepared her for Master’s research, which she completed in 2010 at the University of Montana. 

Over the years, Ania formed strong interests in conservation and disease ecology, which she has developed into a very intriguing PhD project. She is pursuing her PhD at Odum School of Ecology under the supervision of Dr. Sonia Altizer and Dr. Andy Davis. Her project is examining the effects of pollinator gardens on four common species of butterflies (http://butterflygardens.weebly.com/).