Wormsloe Alum

Holly Campbell was a 2013-2014 Wormsloe Fellow.Holly's research project combined soil sampling, geophysical survey, ArcGIS, and environmental education to investigate how human activity and natural forces have influenced present day soil conditions at Wormsloe Historic Site.Overall, her project examined how human activity leaves an imprint on the landscape; investigated the influence of recent geologic history on soil formation; and communicated the human and environmental history of Wormsloe to the public through its soils.The environmental education component of Holly's project involved the creation of soil profile displays, called soil monoliths, for exhibit at Wormsloe Historic Site in Savannah, Georgia.

Before returning to graduate school, Holly worked fifteen years as a landscape gardener and farmer.  Her landscape company focused on edible and wildlife-attracting gardens, as well as soil development.  Three years preceding Holly’s return to graduate school, she designed and managed a diverse fruit and nut farm in Gaffney, SC.  Holly's interest in human-environment interactions and the sustainable use of natural resources guided her previous career and is at the foundation of her current research in graduate school.  Her future career interests are natural resource consultation and education.  Holly holds a BSA in horticulture from UGA. She is currently working for the Southern Regional Extension Forestry.