Graduate School

Workshop: Intro to Python for Text Processing Part 1

This workshop will introduce participants to processing textual data with Python, focusing on cleaning and editing texts to make them suitable for further analysis. Familiarity with basic Python is encouraged, but not required. Participants will need to have Python 3.9+ and Jupyter notebooks installed to follow along. Jupyter notebooks can be installed by following this link: 

Fall into Research: Create a Simple Map with Latitude/Longitude Data

Need to create a map of locations for your poster, paper, or project and all you have are latitude and longitude for each point? This workshop will help you to turn your data into a simple map. No experience necessary. Want to follow along? Download and install the Long Term Release (LTR) version of QGIS before the workshop Data Link: Lat/Long.

Fall into Research: Research Journeys Using ChatGPT

ChatGPT is like a compulsive liar; sometimes it simply has to lie to satisfy its directive. In the academic realm this can result in ChatGPT entirely inventing imaginary publications out of whole cloth, disguising them with impeccably formatted citations. From college undergrads to courtroom lawyers, this tendency of AI to invent citations has already landed many users in hot water.