The University of Georgia Libraries listserv, GRAPEVINE, is a primary means of communication for Libraries' staff on topics of library/organizational information. This includes:

  • Postings of minutes and/or updates of committee work
  • Time-sensitive announcements related to library services (e.g. database outages or other interruptions of service)
  • Announcements of meetings, reminders of workshops
  • Queries on library related issues or help needed
  • Posting or discussion of library issues and/or administrative policies
  • Announcements concerning library-sponsored programs or fundraising activities (e.g.,  LEAP, LSA flower sale, school supplies drive)

Please follow these guidelines when posting a message to GRAPEVINE:

  1. University System of Georgia Policy Guidance prohibits use of state resources (including work email) or work time to communicate views on political issues.
  2. Discussion of non-work-related matters is not allowed. This may include posts about re-homing animals, listing items for sale, give-aways of personal property, etc. If you have a strong personal opinion about a subject mentioned within a post, please respond to the sender directly.
  3. The moderators of the listserv (Mollie Armour and Jason Battles) reserve the right to notify the list and restrict the posting of any message(s) not in compliance with University of Georgia and University System of Georgia Policies.
  4. All messages must conform to University of Georgia policies regarding approved usage of computers and electronic mail.

Revised Apr. 2014; Oct. 2018; Dec. 2019