A Tornado Warning means a tornado has been sighted in Clarke County. Sirens emit a steady tone for three minutes or longer, and immediate evacuation procedures should begin.

  1. Security personnel or designated MLC personnel will announce a tornado warning alert and evacuation notification via the public address system or in person.
  2. MLC personnel should encourage users in their work areas to move away from windows and outside walls and to move toward the center of the building.
    • Patrons and staff located on the second, third and fourth floors of the building will need to move to the 1st floor classrooms, elevator lobbies, or restrooms.
    • Security personnel or MLC personnel should check and clear stairwells located adjacent to their work areas.
  3. Security personnel or designated MLC personnel should lock down the elevators:
    • Call all of the elevators to the 1st floor. Use the key and/or the computer system.
  4. Mobility impaired users - if a mobility impaired user requires assistance in order to evacuate the building or a building area:
    • If the elevators are still working and time permits (you are reasonably sure a "hit" is not imminent), allow the mobility-impaired user to use an elevator to move to a lower floor.
    • If a power outage has occurred, move all mobility-impaired users to the center of the building. All Elevator lobbies are window free areas.
  5. Notify Security personnel or designated MLC personnel of the user's location so that they can inform emergency personnel.

After a tornado or tornado warning has been lifted

If the building sustained any damage (internally or externally):

  1. Watch for broken glass and downed power lines.
    Check with Security personnel or designated MLC personnel to verify users/staff will be allowed to resume normal activities or if the building will be evacuated.
  2. Check for injuries. Do not attempt to move seriously injured person unless they are in immediate danger of death or further injury. If you must move an unconscious person, first stabilize the neck and back, then call for help immediately.
    • If the victim is not breathing but has good pupil reflex, carefully position the victim for artificial respiration, clear the airway and commence mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Maintain body temperature with blankets or jackets. Be sure the victim does not become overheated.
    • Never try to feed liquids to an unconscious person.
  3. Use great caution when entering or moving around in a damaged building. Be sure that walls, ceiling, and roof are in place and that the structure rests firmly on the foundation. If possible, wear sturdy work boots and gloves.

If the building DID NOT sustain any damage:

  1. Security personnel or designated MLC personnel will announce via the public address that the Tornado Warning has been lifted normal activities may be resumed.
  2. Security personnel or designated MLC personnel will unlock the elevators.