Evacuation Procedures - Night

This outlines the role of MLC personnel in the case of an emergency in the building (such as fire) that requires evacuation or requires movement to assigned safe areas within the building. All building personnel have a role in assisting MLC Security in:

  • Notifying building users that there is an emergency requiring evacuation
  • Directing building users to evacuation routes and assembly areas
  • Informing Security Staff if there are any building users trapped or requiring assistance in evacuation.

Note: There will be fewer staff, and MLC Security will have to ensure that all areas are cleared.

Staff Assignments

Staff Areas
3 East Desk Staff

Clear entire 3rd floor including 3E, North Tower, Reading Room, Group Study Rooms, Classrooms, 3C, 3W, Digital Media Lab, Advanced Learning Labs and Faculty Prep Room.

3 Central Desk Staff

Clear entire 4th floor including 4E, 4C, 4W, Vending, Staff Lounge, Group Study Rooms.

3 West Desk Staff and Digital Media Lab Staff

Assist with clearing 3rd and 4th floors if these areas are staffed at the time of emergency.

Security Guard(s)

Clear entire 2nd Floor including Vending, Jittery Joes, Classrooms, Group Study Rooms, and Faculty Prep Room

CTL Staff (1st Floor)

Clear 1st Floor Classrooms and Vending or, if inside assembly is required, notify faculty and students that 1st Floor Classrooms are safe areas, to close window shade and stay put.

Once you have notified the building users on your floor, proceed to the exits and to the door you will be monitoring.

Door Assignments

First Floor

Door Staff

Lumpkin Street and West Entrances

CTL Student Staff

Bookstore and South Plaza Entrances


Second Floor

Jittery Joe's staff

Door Staff

Colonnade and Security Entrance

3C desk staff

North Tower Entrance

3E desk staff

Head Terrace and Café Terrace Entrances Jittery Joe's Staff


Because building users will be exiting the building from multiple doors, outside assembly areas are any spaces that are at least 200 feet away from the building. These include:

  • Tate Center Plaza
  • Baxter Street Extension Sidewalk
  • Quad in front of Tate Expansion
  • Fine Arts Sculpture Garden
  • Memorial Garden (behind Military Science)


In the event of severe weather only, MLC staff will meet in front of 1st Floor West elevator lobby. Once staff have gathered, they will be dispersed as needed to various areas by MLC Security and Facilities staff. If persons need to take shelter indoors, MLC staff will assist in letting patrons know where the “safe areas” are in the building:

  • 1st floor restrooms and classrooms
  • CTL office area, Room 170
  • 1st and 2nd floor elevator lobbies and hallways
  • Mechanical hallway on 1E behind classroom 102
  • Loading dock hallway


No one shall re-enter the building until told to do so by UGA or County emergency personnel or the MLC Facilities / Security staff.