Collections: Overview

The Hargrett Library, the largest and oldest of the University’s Special Collections, houses nearly 5,000 archival collections and over 250,000 volumes available for research, instruction, and exhibition. While the holdings heavily focus on the evolving history and culture of Georgia and its peoples there are collections of distinction in other areas, including natural history, ecology and environmentalism, history of the book, performing arts, women’s history, and journalism and print media. 

Additionally, Hargrett oversees the University of Georgia Archives preserving over two centuries of the University's history in the form of official records, images, plans, publications, and artifacts. The Historic Textile and Clothing Collection administered by the College of Family and Consumer Sciences is housed at the Hargrett Library. 

In addition to archival collections, the Hargrett Rare Book Collection consists of approximately 120,000 rare publications on a variety of subjects including history, performing arts, women's rights, and natural history. Built upon the formidable Elmore H. Mundell collection from over 1,200 different private printers, the private press and fine printing collection includes artists' books, specimens of contemporary fine printing, and a selection of books on papermaking and typesetting. 

Finally, the Hargrett Georgiana Collection is the largest collection of printed materials about Georgia, by and about Georgians, or published by Georgia printers and publishers.