Advanced Learning Labs

Reserve an advanced learning lab. (Advanced learning lab reservation policy)

The advanced learning labs (rooms 368, 369 and 370) are classrooms with computing capability. Each lab is equipped with an instructor's podium, which includes a chair, a desktop computer, projector, DVD, and CD-Rom players, cable television access, auxiliary connections (including for a laptop), and a wireless control panel to control the lights, projector, projection screens, and window shades.

The advanced learning labs are reserved for use by the Libraries, EITS and CTL to provide research, instruction/tutoring, computing, and faculty development sessions for students and faculty. Examples of these uses may include:

  • Library research instruction and tutoring sessions (both class specific and general);

  • UNIV and library-partnered courses;

  • Single session academic/ course-related class use (e.g., research methods, testing, multi software use/projects);

  • Single session or semester long academic tutoring (usually scheduled for evenings)

Outside departmental use for purposes other than the above (such as departmental training, staff education programs, conference related workshops, etc.) may be accommodated on a case-by-case basis, but requests cannot be considered more than one month in advance.


Advanced Learning Lab 368 has 26 thin clients running vLab Windows desktops. (Learn about vLab and included software.) Access to computers in this labs is limited to users with a UGA myID and password. This room has a seating capacity of 38.

Note: Room 368 is also part of Centralized Scheduling. If you would like to request this room for a regularly scheduled class, contact the Centralized Scheduling at the Registrar's office using this request form.


Advanced Learning Lab 369 is designed for flexible seating arrangements conducive to group work and discussion. The instructor has access to a desktop PC, and a 75" monitor that allows for an additional display option. This room has a seating capacity of 30.


Advanced Learning Lab 370 is designed for flexible seating arrangements conductive to group work or discussion. The instructor has access to a desktop PC. This room has a seating capacity of 32.


Reservations for Advanced Learning Labs should be made at least three business days prior to the reservation date.