The Map and Government Information Library's GIS Lab is available to all users during our open hours.

GIS projects have priority on the dual-monitor workstations. You may be asked to relocate to a workstation on the first floor if availability becomes an issue. Users are asked to complete their work 10 minutes before the end of our open hours so the staff can prepare to close the library.

In addition to dual monitor GIS workstations, the Lab hasGIS Lab an Epson 10000XL 11x17 flatbed scanner and a Contex HD5450 Large Format Scanner. Please visit our Imaging Services page for further information about these services.

Software on the GIS dual monitor workstations includes:

  • ArcGIS Suite
  • ArcPro
  • QGIS
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • R Studio
  • Atom
  • Blender
  • OpenRefine

For additional software requests, please contact us.

Our GIS Data research guide links to free GIS data and subscription databases. Map and Government Information Library staff can provide assistance with GIS software and projects; please contact us for further information.